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Pondering Hybrid

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IBM’s recent announcement that it is acquiring open source cloud software business Red Hat inspired Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant Balaji Prasad to think about the notion of hybrid in a broad sense, and also with respect to hybrid clouds.

So, what is hybrid? Implicit in the notion, explains Prasad,
is plurality — there is more than one thing in play. These things, while
independent, must somehow tie together with a similar purpose. Otherwise, they’d
just be distinct yet complementary components.

A hybrid cloud — a public and private cloud duo — combines two different implementations of a similar capability. Writes Prasad in a recent Business & Enterprise Architecture Advisor:

[Public and private clouds] “have similarities in that they both bring similar abilities to abstract away physical infrastructure and operational concerns, while being different in the variety of services, internal integration, and control that can be exercised by the enterprises that choose one or the other. Or, both. That last part — almost an aside — is particularly important.”

Bringing the two similar, yet different, cloud architectures
together creates something new. Describes Prasad,

There is an emergence that occurs: a ‘platform’ comes into view that enables the individual parts to be considered as a unified whole and acted upon as one thing rather than two. In our hybrid cloud example, it may be desirable, for instance, to be able to deploy applications across the emerging cloud platform; some parts of the application cast in one mold, while other elements embrace the yang to the former’s yin — all while allowing the application to remain whole in conception to the human eye, though, in reality, distributed.”

Hybrid is not new. Throughout your organization you’ll likely find the entrenched old and the emerging new sitting side by side. A hybrid architecture makes it possible to introduce elements of the future while respecting investments of the past.

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