3 months, 7 days ago

Event Platform Demo App.

Link: https://www.adaptivechangedesign.com/post/event-platform-demo-app

I’ve been working on an Event platform demonstrator app that:

  1. Simulates IoT transmissions,
  2. Shows how to build an extensible Event taxonomy/structure,
  3. Event definition – to implementation in < 10 mins,
  4. Explains how to implement broad variety of Event types & future-proofing
  5. Helps explain the dual-message broker model for high volume processing (Rapids, Rivers and Ponds model).

I’m planning to also cover idempotency, Event Registry & versioning over the next few weeks.

This model can be implemented using Open Source tools, or the tools that come with AWS, Azure or GCP . It applies to a microservices (Cloud-native) pattern, or a more monolithic architecture on and off prem, or a mixture. Either way, this interactive demonstrator can help you define requirements quickly, at zero risk.

See also: https://www.adaptivechangedesign.com/post/understanding-business-events-in-an-eda

Please let me know if this is of interest and I’ll set up a demo session.