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Right, Left, and the Singularity

Link: http://organizational-economics.blogspot.com/2021/09/right-left-and-singularity.html

Have you noticed that when you look for something on the web, almost immediately, you are inundated with the advertising of like products on YouTube or one of the weather websites?  Sometimes when you are messaging a friend about a pest control service, or some such, or even talking about it in a phone conversation, suddenly those services are advertising on your phone’s Facebook app?

Have you driven a new car and found that it has all sorts of “smart” controls to keep you in your lane, to warn you of other vehicles, and so on?  Have you noticed that you get a great deal of unsolicited but targeted e-mail?  Have you seen how you frequently get advertising for local products or services on your web apps, even though you don’t need them?  The culprit is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

All of this is the Technology Singularity springing to life.  It is what will become The Singularity within the next 100 years.  A possible example of “The Singularity” is at the movie’s core of “The Matrix.”  “The Singularity” rules and feeds on humanity.

In Dan Brown’s book, “Origin”, “The Singularity” is an outgrowth of AI (artificial intelligence), is a new species at the top of the evolutionary chain that will replace humans.

And this is happening even while crony capitalists and liberalist religionists fight to rearrange the deck chairs on the political and economic Titanic.  The crony capitalist right believes in the “opportunity” to buy or steal ideas from innovators and inventors.  It gives the crony capitalists the “opportunity” to become billionaires.   Most of them feel that they should be able to pass this “advantage” (as called by the liberal religious zealots) on to their offspring, much the same way the nobility of the past passed their titles on to their children.

On the left side is the liberalist religion.  The core belief is that all, including retail socialist culture and freeloaders, are “entitled” because they are “equal,” even though it’s self-evident.  G. Orwell describes it well in his book 1984. 

We now have instruction on “politically correct” “Newspeak” in colleges and universities.  The instructors and professors are the “Thought instructors.”  Big technology is the “Thought Police.”  Facebook and the others can choose what they consider “obscenities” or “swear words” or “inappropriate” (meaning politically incorrect) and turn them into “Thought Crimes.”  Thus, they limit free speech and knowledge that runs against political correctness.  For example, they can choose “the greater good” to mean whatever they feel is appropriate without measuring what “the greater good” is.

And then there is the Singularity hidden in this fog of the political right and left.  It’s G. Orwell’s “Big Brother.”  And more and more, it’s always watching and consuming the ability of humans to choose and to be responsible for their actions.

There is at least one way to synergize the right and the left with the Singularity.  It is documented in the book entitled Jeffersonian Economic Architecture in the Digital Age.  It’s not a book for the casual reader because it’s more of a text or manual of how this new political/economic system would integrate the three factions.  It’s disruptive of all three, but in the end, it will create a stable economic system based on talent, education, opportunity, and personal responsibility.  But for those interested, it should be of great interest.