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Organizational Surgery: Unlocking Value from Digital—Session Presentation

Link: https://cisr.mit.edu/publication/2022_1109_Surgery-UnlockingValue_Weill


To create bottom-line value from digital, many organizations need to do some kind of organizational surgery; these organizations are just not well designed for the digital era. The organizational changes remove organizational complexity and help the firm focus on capturing value. We have identified four different drivers of digital value that should be the goals of any surgery: (1) your target customer types, (2) a capability to be used across customer types, (3) creating and reusing a component based on a “crown jewel” of the firm, and (4) commercializing a component or capability by selling it as a service. In this presentation, Peter describes how top performers have captured value from digital in these four ways, each illustrated with a case study.

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Peter Weill
Stephanie L. Woerner