1 year, 2 months ago

Insights into Making Decisions

Link: https://theknowledgeeconomy.wordpress.com/2023/01/27/insights-into-making-decisions/

Decisions have been made by me or for me (directly or indirectly) my entire life. These decisions have ranged from being simple and often trivial to being extremely complex and sometimes life changing. Decisions have been made in my personal life that affect myself and those around me and professionally affecting myself, my work colleagues and the organisations with whom I have worked and their clients.

Not all of my decisions have been good but, good or bad, they have been instructive. Learning from both my mistakes and successes I believe my ability to make better decisions has improved.

Much of my professional life as a teacher, consultant, programmer or Enterprise Architect has revolved around how to make the best possible decisions and/or how to influence the decisions of others.

Being aware that I am predominantly risk averse it has been essential that I employ tools and techniques to help with the decision making process that ensures a better outcome than I would otherwise be comfortable.

The following series of posts will be compiled from research notes I have taken over many years and, I must admit, to additional thoughts that have arisen in my exploration in how ChatGPT may be utilised as a support tool.