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AI Cybersecurity Risks and How to Manage Them | Ardoq

Link: https://www.ardoq.com/blog/ai-cybersecurity-risks

AI is everywhere. In 2023, one-third of respondents to a McKinsey survey confirmed they used generative AI for at least one core business function. 

The promises of AI are exciting, and the vendors of the tools your organization uses every day are adding AI integrations that can be activated with just a button press. It can be tempting to turn these features on and start innovating without considering the consequences. However, without a suitable digital security foundation in place, AI can bring cybersecurity risks to your organization, opening it up to threats from malicious actors.

We spoke to Ardoq’s CISO, Nick Murison, to learn more about these risks and how Ardoq has mitigated them across our platform and business as a whole.