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Navigating the Jagged Technological Frontier of Generative AI

Link: https://cisr.mit.edu/publication/navigating-jagged-frontier-ai-video


In this presentation, Fabrizio covers the results and implication of his recent research, with co-authors, on the impact of Generative AI on Knowledge Workers, specifically consultants. This research shows that the landscape of human/AI collaboration is marked by what can be described as a “jagged frontier” of Generative AI capabilities. When consulting tasks were within this frontier, consultants using AI were significantly more productive and produced significantly higher quality results compared to a control group. However, outside the frontier of current capabilities, there’s a delicate interplay where humans might lean too heavily on AI, leading to potential oversights. This evolving frontier serves as a backdrop to the broader discussion on the transformative potential of AI.

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Fabrizio Dell'Acqua
Stephanie L. Woerner