24 days ago

Securing Vendor Relationships: The Crucial Role of Third-Party Audit

Link: https://blog.opengroup.org/2024/05/23/securing-vendor-relationships-the-crucial-role-of-third-party-audit/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=securing-vendor-relationships-the-crucial-role-of-third-party-audit

Guest submission by: Nazy Fouladirad, President and COO of Tevora, a global leading cybersecurity consultancy.

Many modern companies grow their operations by working with remote teams and cloud-based systems. However, as cybersecurity threats are growing and data protection laws are becoming more strict, data security, in particular with third-party entities, is of utmost importance.

Third-party audits verify vendor practices align with security and regulatory requirements to protect sensitive information. As businesses navigate their digital transformations, these audits strengthen vendor relationships while ensuring data integrity for everyone.