14 years, 27 days ago

UK Elections 2010 and Information Technology (IT)

Link: http://eamitabh.blogspot.com/2010/04/uk-elections-2010-and-information.html

As the UK elections 2010 campaigning gathers momentum, all three major political parties have published their manifestos, all PM candidates have already done two televised debates and hit the ground running in various parts of the UK to make us aware of their policies, promises etc. As I was glossing over some of this campaign material on a lazy Sunday today, a thought crossed my mind – what and how much focus have these parties given in their policies to leveraging the modern information technology to the benefit of governance and public welfare?

Most of us, the strategic IT managers, CIOs, CTOs, CXOs, like to think that IT and the processes, workflows, efficiencies, cost savings and optimisation driven by the IT holds the promise of better governance and execution at both, the private and public sector. So what do the politicians think of this? Do they bother take note of this enabler industry? Are they advised correctly on these matters? Are they aware of the aspects of IT which we think can really help deliver value, savings for the UK citizens and residents and businesses who will be voting in this election for their government for next 5 years?

The best place to look for these answers I thought were the respective party manifestos, which should outline the respective party policies and focus areas for action in next five years. The manifestos should outline their thinking and priorities and surely if IT is seen as an enabler, these manifestos should spell out their policies in this area.

So starting next week, I plan to write a series of posts on my blog about my finding in this area. I do not claim to be a political commentator nor do I hold great degree of interest in politics. But what the next government thinks about IT and its priorities in this area does matter to me. So I will try to maintain a neutral and objective view and share my findings in an unbiased and fact based manner. Hope it does help the readers who share my concern in this aspect of UK governance for next five years.