14 years, 27 days ago

Journal Recommendations

Link: http://thinkingenterprise.blogspot.com/2010/05/journal-recommendations.html

Often getting access to a specific scientific journal can be very cumbersome or expensive, unless you have bulk access through an academic or research institution. In the past few weeks I have been looking for journal articles at the intersection of Enterprise Architecture, radical constructionism, and systems science, and I came across this free, public journal: Constructivist Foundations. It is a free, peer-reviewed journal with several famous researchers and academics onboard, including S. A. Umpleby and Terry Winograd. The content is definitely promising and interesting.

On a personal note, I am currently working on the next chapter of my thesis, which concerns the enterprise ontology in practice and the application of engineering and modeling tools. I already have an extensive experience with taxonomy modeling in ARIS (Software AG), but the test bench will also include tools from IBM, SAP, MEGA and Sparx Systems.