13 years, 5 months ago

EA Governance – Architecture's Sustainability

One of my fellow consultants here at Oracle had a great quote the other day regarding EA Governance:

“One cannot overstate the tedium nor the importance of EA Governance”

For those in the EA discipline that “grew up” through more technical disciplines (e.g., software engineering) the establishment of committees, boards, and sets of standards might feel like a visit to the dentist. But it is so essential to long-term success that it cannot be ignored.

You can draw the slickest diagrams utilizing all the best patterns for loose coupling and separation of concerns dazzling your clients. But without the checks-and-balances that governance brings, the models will be nothing more than pretty pictures to gaze at. The models will not be actionable nor will the architecture be sustainable. Entropy will prevail in the architecture choking out an organization’s ability to innovate and be competitive.

Setting up governance, while it might seem like an afterthought in some ADMs, is really a task that (needs to) weave itself through any ADM phase.