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Some thoughts on the topic of EA

Link: http://enklare.wordpress.com/2011/01/01/some-thoughts-on-the-topic-of-ea/

  1. Why do EA initiatives fail to deliver on their promise?
    (PA#1.1) Why did Spock fail to be logical?
    (PA#1.2) We only ask people and projects to be compliant never committed to the vision presented by EA.
    (PA#1.3) EA is envisioned, built and executed as a static structure but sold as the generator of dynamic behavior.
  2. What is the take on capability architectures?
    (PA#2.1) What was the true issue with the emperors new clothes?
    (PA#2.2) Capability architectures and the thinking surrounding it is a repackaging / re-purposing of some of the concepts found in Systems thinking.
  3. Why are meta models sometimes the root cause of the problem with EA?
    (PA#3.1) How many views on reality are there to each meta model?
    (PA#3.2) If a meta model (MM) grows stale and becomes ingrained in how the enterprise views its world then the enterprise surely will fail to react to changes in its environment.
    (PA#3.3) Nick Malik at MSDN Blogs has some thoughts on the topic as well.
  4. How much time does it take to build an Enterprise Architect?
    (PA#4.1) How many years does it take to grow a tree?
    (PA#4.2) From the ground up I’d guesstimate 20 to 30+ years. From an experienced business or IT person to a full blown Enterprise Architect I’d guesstimate 2 to 3 years of focused experience, dialog and discussion.
  5. What comes after Enterprise Architecture?
    (PA#5.1) What was before enterprise architecture?
    (PA#5.2) I can only hope it will be expressed more clearly in the way of systems thinking
  6. ;)
    (PA#6.1) :)

This list is like a never ending story, so I’ll stop here at #5 so that I have some time to do other things…