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Things happen. Are you prepared?

Unexpected events happen. Things don’t go as planned. Accidents, faulty equipment, property damage, safety violations, public safety threats, and personnel incidents are just a handful of events that can cause organizations to quickly react. It’s how you handle these unexpected incidents that can determine their severity and your exposure.

Incidents – big or small – can have a huge impact on your business operations and it’s important that when an incident does occur that you are ready to respond. Incident management scenarios span across all industries and incident management solutions enable you to quickly respond to and resolve the issue in a way that minimizes the overall impact to your business operations.

Organizations should seek a solution that is accessible and easy to use to enable recording, reporting and driving a resolution for incidents encountered during routine business operations. Investing in a strong, dynamic incident management solution allows your organization to:

Ensure all incidents are handled the right way by the right people. Categorizing incidents by the situation and defining who responds and what actions they should take eliminates confusion and greatly reduces cost and risk. This gives your organization a consistent, universal response process, allowing for faster issue resolution and better communication across the enterprise.

Adhere to corporate policies and insurance mandates, be prepared in the case of litigation, and manage overall risk. A strong incident management solution will give you the ability to track and audit each case with real-time visibility. For example, London Underground leverages an incident management solution powered by Metastorm to gather all of the information needed for any given incident, reducing the potential for human error in manually filling out forms. By electronically transferring and storing information, London Underground is able to process over 400 incidents each day – ensuring proper escalation and resolution, saving time and money, minimizing unexpected service interruptions, and most importantly maximizing safety.

Prepare and prevent future incidents. With automation, process integration and trend analysis capabilities, it’s much easier to proactively prevent future incidents from happening. Incident management solutions allow you to fully understand and track how you manage and respond to unexpected events. This way, you can go back and organize the process for continuous organizational improvement.

You know that incidents are going to happen. Do you know how you’ll ensure their handled in a better way? Move beyond reactive incident management and transform the way your business reacts.

Sandra Moran has more than 20 years experience developing and driving marketing strategy for global enterprise software organizations. As Sr. Director, Product Marketing for Metastorm, Sandra is responsible for the positioning and successful launch of the Metastorm product suite.

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