9 years, 8 months ago

SOA was yesterday’s issue?

Link: http://davidsprottsblog.blogspot.com/2011/05/soa-was-yesterdays-issue.html

Don’t you believe it! For many larger organizations SOA is only now becoming central to key business strategies. Whilst SOA has been around for almost a decade, few companies have achieved real maturity. Governance issues in particular have allowed fragmented service oriented solutions to predominate. Even where consistent service facades have been established, the underlying legacy application estate represents a colossal inhibitor to significant or rapid change.

Today SOA is a major priority for:

– delivering smaller application components for effective Cloud computing deployment
– and thereby modernizing the application estate, reducing costs and enabling . . .
– flexible service support for strategic BPM projects and programs

To achieve SOA maturity, organizations need much improved SOA skills. Not just for architects but for all roles, planners, business analysts, architects, project managers, procurement specialists, designers, testers and so on. Recognizing this, at Everware-CBDI we have been focused on creating skills development products that address this need. We have created a comprehensive eLearning portfolio plus certification modules. These have been developed to minimize time and cost while focusing and maximizing learning. They are not warmed up videos of face to face classes requiring many hours to view.

The products are now being used by very large service providers and enterprises. Last week we launched an on-line store, and these can now be procured by individuals in a cost effective manner.

SEE DETAILS, TRY and BUY at the new online store.