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Mike Walker Interviewed on his Perspectives on Enterprise Architecture

Link: http://www.mikethearchitect.com/2011/07/mike-walker-interviewed-on-his-perspectives-on-enterprise-architecture-.html

At the Troux Enterprise Architecture Conference in the spring of 2011 I was interviewed after my panel discussion on my perspective regarding where EA is today and where I thought it was going in the future. Similarly as Angela Yochem from Dell, I express that the EA industry is evolving every year through transformation of the overall IT organization, the EA practice, shift from hard skills to soft and a high business acumen. Much of the interview was an expansion of the EA panel, Industry Perspective: Great Performances, I was on the day prior. Both Angela's and my interview provide two very similar perspectives that bring together the organizational elements with the EA specific behavioral changes that are needed. 

In this video, I discuss a variety topics but the theme is the same, soft skills are mandatory for EA's to possess. Differentiating between IQ and EQ is the mindset shift that is required to shift in the next stage of the EA profession. 

Below are the topics I discuss:

  • What Microsoft is doing in the realm of Enterprise Architecture
  • Why EA's must focus on EQ
  • How communications and evangelism are so important to EA
  • What excites me about Enteprise Architecture


Additionally, if your interested in the Troux conference for next year and are not sure if you want to go, below is the Troux User Conference Buzz video.