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A Model for Literature on Enterprise Architecture

Link: http://coherencyarchitect.com/2011/07/31/a-model-for-literature-on-enterprise-architecture/

I have been working with several different perspectives on governance, strategy, it architecture and enterprise architecture. I have read several books on the three topics and as such I have been able to build a model for categorizing the literature.

The Model

The model is segmented into three different levels and three different categories. The first (vertical) category deals with information and how information is used. The second (vertical) category deals with strategy (you shouldn’t articulate a strategy that isn’t based on information). The third category (vertical) is about innovation since strategy is often about doing new things and do them well in order to move the enterprise.

The categories that are horizontal deals with different perspectives and as such as economy, organization and technology. There are some “blank” spaces in between the three horizontal categories and as such these should be seen as in the spectra of the three perspectives.

The various authors that I have organized in the model have been mentioned under the Harvard source notation standard e.g. Beer (1994).

The model is essentially constructed upon the same principles as Leavitt’s model for organizational and technological alignment which means that I can only recommend the reader to read books with-in all of the perspectives in order to gain a holistic understanding of what Enterprise Architecture is all about. The model is of course a simplification of the reality.

Feel free to contact me if you feel that other books should be added to the model. You can contact me by comment this blog post or using the contact form.


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