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Link Collection — October 9, 2011

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  • “I often think of Biggie’s process when we discuss the visual design process in the studio and within the company. What can we as designers learn from it? To me, there are a few strong themes we can embrace from it when facing difficulties in our daily work or when we assess our working methods, regardless of what discipline we work in or the context of our everyday projects.”

    tags: design

  • “You may be writing software to detect or determine that “Something has happened”, or you may be writing software to deal with the fact that “Something has happened”.

    Either way, visibility is the key… your software is either making “something that has happened” visible, or your software is making “something that needs to happen” visible. Your software may be making “something” visible to people, or your software may be making “something” visible to another system.”

    tags: visibility events programming

  • Q: “What are the boundaries of design?” Eames: “What are the boundaries of problems?”

    tags: design

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