9 years, 4 months ago

Business Architecture Bootcamp

Most courses in business architecture (or any other methodology for that matter) start by teaching a set of generic principles, followed by a standard set of tasks and techniques. The tasks and techniques are then illustrated by some simplistic or contrived examples and exercises. Video store, anyone?

In my forthcoming business architecture bootcamp (Unicom Middlesex, November 22-23), I’m going to lead an exploration into some serious and non-trivial business problems, based on some real experience in a real company. The class will experiment with different ways of modelling these problems, spanning the Five Views of Business Architecture, in order to go deeper and deeper into an understanding of these problems and their architectural implications. I don’t know exactly where we shall end up, but I am confident that this is a better way of learning the things that really matter to business architects.

 book now  Business Architecture Bootcamp (November 22-23, 2011)
 book now  Workshop: Organizational Intelligence (November 24th, 2011)

Early bird rates available until November 1st.