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The New iWorker Meets Adaptive Case Management

IT organizations are faced with a growing set of user expectations from the lines of businesses they support. The mismatch of expectations is being accelerated by the now ubiquitous access to Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, personalized portals like iGoogle, and iPhone or iPad. The growing use of these technologies has evolved millions into technology and social savvy “iWorkers”. These masses are now collaborating, finding expertise, communicating with one another, and personalizing their application interfaces –all outside of work. For many people, stepping into their office each morning takes them back a decade or more when comparing their work environment and applications to technologies they have used to make their personal lives more productive. 

In a presentation I delivered to a full room at this week’s Gartner Symposium ITxpo in Orlando, I discuss this growing disparity between what IT is delivering and the growing expectations of their technology and social savvy iWorkers.  I led the session attendees through the story, which you can read through below, describing the interactions of Bryan (the IT Pro), Jenny (the new iWorker), and Tom (Jenny’s supervisor).  After revealing some of the challenges Bryan, Jenny, and Tom were faced with, the story unfolds to reveal how a new case management solution enabled them to change the way work was done. 

The story shows how Adaptive Case Management enabled the organization to

  • better manage structured and unstructured processes
  • deliver content in context
  • take advantage of new social and mobile technologies to collaborate anywhere their business operates
  • offer personalized work interfaces based on roles, skills, and process context across the organization

If you are interested in learning more about Adaptive Case Management and how it might help your organization meet the growing expectations of the new iWorker, I invite you to take a tour through the presentation below. To continue the converation, you can follow me on Twitter @weekstweets.

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