8 years, 5 months ago

Cloud Standards, Brokerage, and The French Laundry

Link: http://actionable.wordpress.com/2012/02/27/cloud-standards-brokerage-and-restaurants/

The emergence and the importance of the role cloud-service brokerages have must be achieved against a complex backdrop that is difficult to negotiate, as it includes:

  • cloud roaming
  • data sovereignty
  • throughput expectations
  • reliability requirements
  • scalability decisions
  • geographical considerations
  • costing models
  • security capabilities
  • interoperability needs
  • integration needs
  • bandwidth availability
  • time-of-day for follow-the-moon provisioning

…and the necessary standards do not yet exist for cloud services to be truly portable, leading to potential issues with cloud-vendor lock-in, cloud migration, and cloud federation.

When they do arrive and are formed fully, what will cloud standards look like? One visiting cloud analyst suggesting the following:

  • cloud standards will be reasonably low-level
  • thinking about restaurants, the low-level standards and equipment for a McDonalds are very similar to those of The French Laundry
  • the experience of eating at a McDonalds is very different from the experience of eating at The French Laundry

Cloud standards will exist more at the carrier/provider level than at the user/customer level, and considering the full raft of quality-of-service needs will be essential.  The extent to which the NIST and the CSA and the analyst firms and the cloud providers achieve usable cloud standards, and when they deliver them, is yet to be seen.