7 years, 11 months ago

Thank you Jeanne Ross

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Hooray hooray hooray! – the message is finally getting through!

This from an interview with MIT-CISR‘s Jeanne Ross in the current (29 April 2012) online edition of CIO.com:

Myth: CIOs should own enterprise architecture. Not so fast. CIOs often wind up accountable for the entire enterprise architecture, despite not typically having the authority or vantage point needed to create one that provides what the organization needs. This leads to a disconnect. “When the CIO owns enterprise architecture, it’s a bad fit,” says Ross. “IT is being asked to do something the organization isn’t committed to.”

In reality, companies need to acknowledge that “architecture says everything about how the company is going to function, operate, and grow; the only person who can own that is the CEO,” says Ross. “If the CEO doesn’t accept that role, there really can be no architecture.”

Yep, that’s exactly what we’ve been saying for, oh, well over half a decade now – with the full explanation of why we’ve been saying it, too. But now that the same is being said by such an EA-luminary as Jeanne Ross, perhaps there’s some chance that it might actually be heard at last?

Here’s hoping, anyway…