5 years, 10 months ago

Stories that Move Mountains – is out !

Link: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/martinsykes/archive/2012/11/11/preview_2D00_the_2D00_book.aspx

The last year has been a very busy one, and for everyone who subscribed to this feed a rather poor one in terms of entries. The reason for the lack of postings is very simply down to the effort required to write a book!.

This was released in the UK a few weeks ago and will be released in the US later in November. We have a website for the book with its own blog that provides background to the ideas of storytelling and visual design:


We also have a Facebook page where we hope to build more of a community around the CAST model and gather feedback.



In the last few days a good selection of pages from the book have been uploaded to Amazon to allow you to click inside and see the very visual style we used.

You can also go to ComputerWeekly.com research library and read chapter 2 in full (although a registration is required).

If you download the chapter and scroll right to the end you will find out how to buy the book with a 30% discount.

I’ll get back to blogging about IT, Enterprise Architecture and IT Strategy on this blog, so if you’re interested in the content for storytelling, visual design and improving your presentations please take a look at the facebook page and my other blog.