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Culture club

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To set my thoughts in perspective I came up with the “brilliant” idea of describing what I think of as designing The Happy People Business. This is part two in an expanding series of posts where I’ll elaborate on this topic.

The Manifest

One could call this the story of the architecture or one could call this a business idea, it does not matter what it is called as long as it is communicated.

I have a dream a wise man once said, I had a dream most of us have said. Each morning the child awakes again, refreshed by dreams to tackle the world of dreams yet to be fulfilled. I too have a dream and it is a continuous dream, a sort of reflective state of being where I think about the perfect environment to fulfill every individual’s dream of enterprising. In this dream I and a lot of other people create a culture, in this culture we set out to realize the dreams of people. The dream is inclusive so if there is someone who wants to take part of the culture they are invited. How they take part is up to them, we offer the possibility of starting their own enterprise or becoming a partner in some other enterprise or even to move into employment if that is their dream. However they join there is always the possibility to go in another direction when their dreams change.

The core principles to guide us on our journey

  1. We are all equally important participants in our journey towards the dream of the good entrepreneurship.
  2. We strengthen each other’s success by helping each other.
  3. We open our personal and professional networks for the whole to tap into.
  4. We are proactive in strengthening the individual’s dream.
  5. We work to ensure that people succeed as they walk the next path.

Our architecture is based on natural cluster around areas of interest. We move into new investments (teams) around combinations of areas of interest and so we grow our tree, where each branching occurs in thirds or fifths. Once a tree has grown and the matured phase has begun, we sow the next seedling, this gives us a designed growth.


A pattern of sustainable growth

Sometimes wind will blow a seed from faraway into our trees, as the seed takes root and later become established this gives rise to new species. As time goes by, we have an entire forest, a forest of forests, a country, a planet, a place, a collaborative, an ecology. The ecology that emerges is a natural fit for both large and small, fast and slow, old and young.


In the culture 1 plus 1 equals Tree

Since we do not restrict entrepreneurial activity in any particular area, so it may well be that some are involved in horticulture or health care while others employ within advanced aerospace and pottery. It is through diversity that we create wealth in the hearts of us all. It is through the management of the underlying system that we can be open in what we do, because we compete with no one.

No tree can survive outside its ecology, likewise, no business survive outside its market. To create a tree, which can be a forest, there is a need to create growth. To create viability in the culture it is necessary to keep up a good heartbeat, a rhythm of growth where each gardener within 12 months of sowing a seed creates a branch or seeds another plant.

We are all founders of the culture. We all share in our task to cultivate the whole so that everyone can achieve their dreams. This includes being responsible for all the chores a new enterprise consists of. To reduce stress on new seeds and branches we contribute support in all forms of tree growing.

This is The Happy People Business manifest

Part 1. Considering enabling individuals to realize their dreams