11 years, 1 month ago

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

I am very excited about the new developments in The Zachman Framework 3.0 and Zachman International! We have spent the last couple years “underground” refining our research, developing several new programs, forging new relationships, developing the community of practice and getting zachman.com ready for prime time! Well, the time is finally here to start rolling these things out!

You’ll notice that zachman.com is filling up with content and we’ve announced the new version of the Framework, but I am most excited about the new Zachman Certified program! We have totally overhauled the curriculum and have made it FAR more practical for doing actual ARCHITECTED, implementation work. We have learned more about Enterprise Architecture and The Zachman Framework in the last two years than ever before and we are now ready to offer it to the community! We are able to differentiate between doing what we’ve (the IT community) been doing for the last 75 years and now putting some standard for actual Architecture work in place, with the program- the new paradigm!

So, I will be blogging here about various ideas surrounding The Zachman Framework, Zachman International, Zachman Certification, etc. I hope you will find this useful as we all continue our journey to make the field of Enterprise Architecture the standard in engineering Enterprises.


John A. Zachman