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With Smart Process Applications, More is Always Better

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The Forrester Wave is out and OpenText is a “leader” for Smart Process Applications. It is great to be recognized for having a very broad and powerful set of EIM technologies to create Smart Process Applications. Forrester comments in their paper “Smart Process Applications fills a Big Business Gap” released in Aug of 2012 that “the emergence of smart process apps makes collaborative processes the next frontier for software.” They also speculate that BPM suites will be renamed Smart Process Applications in the future.  As many critical processes truly are human- centric and collaborative, it is clear that Smart Process Apps will be one of the compelling and fastest growing areas of software for years to come.

What I find even more exciting is how prolific we can make Smart Process Applications. Our MBPM platform has always made it easy for customers to roll out Smart Process Apps, but when you add the OpenText Assure platform (built upon MBPM), it truly becomes a Smart Process Application Factory.

Assure provides a set of over 70 pre-built services and reports that can be assembled like building blocks to create and deploy high value Smart Process Apps much faster than the “blank slate” approaches found in traditional BPM suites. Once an organization deploys their first Smart Process Application with Assure, they become adept at designing a process, using the building blocks to assemble their solution, and then deploying their apps. The value of Smart Process Apps is quickly spread across the organization, with new apps up and running in as little as 30 days. And as we continue to introduce more building block services with Assure, our clients will receive even higher value, and be able to deploy their Smart Process Apps even faster.

As an example, I’ve recently spent time with our customer PSCU, the nation’s largest credit union servicing organization. (We have a full case study here.) Using our Assure Smart Process App platform, they have deployed customer and agent portals, and apps for employee onboarding, e-commerce, account management and fraud management. And they will be rolling out a comprehensive dispute resolution system in the near future.

The new Smart Process Applications they’ve deployed at PSCU have saved them over $300,000 in service delivery costs in the first year, and they are now rolling out new process-based services in 25% of the time with Assure. According to PSCU, being able to respond faster and more efficiently to customer requests keeps them far ahead of the competition, and being able to roll out more apps, and do it faster, means they are continually increasing the value they receive from the platform.

For another example, I recently spoke to a customer recently called MFDA, also known as the Mutual Fund Dealers Association of Canada. They provide their industry with information, guidance and regulations that benefit the investing public and strengthen their industry as a whole. They first purchased MBPM in 2007, and deployed their first four applications in the first year. Over the next five years, they kept rolling out Smart Process Apps for HR, voting, IT projects, filings, etc., and now have 23 applications creating significant value for their organization.  Again, the more solutions they developed, the more value they received from the platform. In fact, Sandy Kemsley, who writes a widely read BPM blog called “Column2” (http://www.column2.com) described their impressive track record for implementation in a post late last year.

So, the next time you hear someone saying “too much of a good thing can be bad,” I might agree if it’s eating cake or juggling chainsaws, but if they’re referring to Smart Process Applications, then more is always better.

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