10 years, 11 months ago

Enterprise Architecture – Shaping business operations.

Link: http://theknowledgeeconomy.anorien.com/2013/05/24/enterprise-architecture-shaping-business-operations/

ImageAn Enterprise Architecture gives its user the opportunity of exploring the business from end-to-end. Instead of only having a ‘blinkered’ or ‘narrow’ view of only isolated parts of the business the user is able to gain a holistic perspective.

The ‘big picture’ view supports the ability to drive efficient and effective business behaviour.

Systems or processes that are fragmented across the business can, with an Enterprise Architecture, be better managed. Whilst they remain fragmented the business is subject to duplication, waste and lost opportunities.

Understanding what is ‘out there’ and how it is used and the impact of its use on the business provides the impetus to implement managed change  

The opportunity to take fragmented systems and with knowledge of the potential impacts explore the possibilities to

  • Categorise – creating better understanding of attributes and behaviour.
  • Aggregate – bringing together like capabilities, processes, functions, information and systems
  • Consolidate – simplifying by eliminating redundant environments.

Ultimately, the use of an Enterprise Architecture can lead to a rationalised business operations environment that is better placed to compete in the market place.