10 years, 11 months ago

The dark age of change and enlightenment inertia

Once upon a time long, long ago, in the Dark Ages, people would identify the need to undertake a significant activity within their business they would call this thing a project

The project was in essence a rallying call for resource and money and executive sponsorship.

Once kicked off the project would make sure it postponed the delivery of value into the organisation (or for its customers) until the last possible moment, or sometimes never.

Then there was a period of enlightenment, people realised they could structure projects in a different way, to deliver value early and often.To test assumptions about projects early so that if they fail they fail early and at a lower cost.

The Enlightenment, what a wonderful time. Wow! lucky we wised up, what were we thinking about in the dark ages!?

Er…except for some the Dark Ages isn’t ancient history. In some organisations the unenlightened approach to change still exists.

Why is that? Why is there often inertia to enlightenment within the business function that should most readily accept change?

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