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Open Group Announces Risk Analysts Certification

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Mike The Architect Blog: Risk Analysts Certification

What I find in my Enterprise Architecture travels as both a practitioner and advisor is that risk management is an essential capability of Enterprise Architecture.  I don’t see the EA function as a replacement of the corporate risk management function but extending, enhancing and supporting it.

As the arbiters of the overall technology portfolio that influences or even makes decisions on technology, architectures and ultimately the how investments are made, it becomes increasingly obvious to support this aspect. Whether you are a high technology company or a bank there is some level of risk identification, mitigation and management that occurs.

Since I believe in the risk management capability within EA, I thought that this certification might be useful to you as well. The Open Group is announcing a new certification program for risk analysts at the EA July conference in Philadelphia. If you have downloaded any of the Open Group risk and IT security management publications previously, you might already have a notification of this.

In conjunction with the program launch, there are several risk analysis learning opportunities that you should be aware of: