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Enterprise Architecture – Size does not matter.

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BLOG - the enterpriseAn Enterprise Architecture is able to contribute significant value no matter the size or the nature of the business.

A business can be anything from a single person operation through to a multinational conglomerate or a government. All have missions that define their goals and objectives. All have internal and external driver that affects what they do..All wish to succeed in their endeavours.

The one person business, in establishing their initial business plan must, if they wish to succeed, define what it is they wish to achieve and decide if it is actually ‘doable’.

  • Understanding what capabilities they have and what additional ones are required to deliver on its mission helps in shaping the business plan.
  • Defining the measures of success and having a view as to when success should be achieved allows them to monitor progress.
  • Describing the processes they will use, the costs of implementing each and how they inter-relate enables the possibility of business process improvement.

How does this differ from what is required of the multi-national or government.

The ‘larger’ the business the greater its inherent complexity yet the impact, on getting it wrong, can be seemingly just as great for the small business as for the large. Not succeeding for the small business can mean it closes. Not succeeding for the large may not be as terminal.

Good, well informed decisions, made in the very small through to the ultra large enterprises are crucial for realising their individual success.

This can only occur if they have access to a repository of knowledge and information from which to draw.

An Enterprise Architecture or something which is equivalent (the name is irrelevant) can provide the information that is required to support decisions that will provide an optimal path to success. Where it does not exist the enterprise should look at establishing one or risk failing to achieve what it wants.