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Enterprise Architecture – Moderating tribal behaviour

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BLOG - TribalAny business with more than more than one person within it will, at times, be faced with having to handle competing views. ‘Political’ agendas within a business can, if not moderated can be so destructive that the business can be torn asunder.

Politics can be born out of the passion arising from individuals having a different vision for the business than others in positions of power and influence.

A different vision will translate to different goals and objectives which in turn will require different processes and solutions.

The astute political player will manipulate others to their way of thinking hence creating a new ‘tribe’ within the business.

Business politics and the consequential tribal behaviour can devolve a business from being united to being one which is at war with itself. The business will not benefit where this behaviour persists.

The existence of an operational Enterprise Architecture can assist a tool for the purposes of moderation between competing tribes.

An Enterprise Architecture will be compromised whilst there are alternative visions in place as the likelihood is that the measures of business success will differ for the goals and objectives of each. The application of different measures and the importance in which they are held will result in different decisions being made.

What the Enterprise Architecture can offer is the ability to support the development of the quantitative impact of the decisions that would be made for each vision and potentially provide the proponents of each vision with a better understanding of what they and others are proposing.

With better information the chances of reaching a common understanding of how the business should proceed is enhanced.

Where there are such ideological differences within a business that no common understanding and hence agreement can be reached an Enterprise Architecture can offer some insight as to what the impact of the competing tribes might be with the aim of being able to provide mitigation strategies that would at the very least reduce the substantial negative benefit that would occur otherwise.