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Using the “Wheel of Change” to justify Business Architecture

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It’s not about the methods, it’s not about models, it’s not about the tools – it’s about having the ability to make smarter decisions.  Those decisions might be related to improving business operations or processes, undertaking significant business transformations, merging organizations, or any one of the hundred and one other projects that we seem to need to deliver by yesterday!

Most often, when we engage with architects they tend to ask about the models, the frameworks, the methodology, and of course the notation! With OpenText ProVision we can easily show a rich set of functions and features that will satisfy the business centric architecture community, and of course ProVision is well regarded for its ease of use.

However, the challenge for vendors and architects alike is that however much we might love each other, ultimately the use of architecture or the purchase decision on tooling will be based on the value it provides to the business. And this is an area where we have traditionally fallen down and where the wheel of change can assist you.

At recent events in Washington and London we had some great discussions with attendees and almost universally found that using the “Wheel of Change” to drive discussions was beneficial in changing the conversation from doing to using architecture. It has been amazing to hear how one simple graphic helps people understand the value of architecture in minutes. This fits with my own experience of using it with executives and business managers across the globe.

Imagine each of the rings in the wheel are independent and rotate generating questions such as “Who” is responsible for the “Processes” that generate “Revenue” from “Customers” or “How” do we ensure “Data” meets “Compliance” rules from the “Regulators.

In total the wheel generates 1,296 questions that a business might need answers to. So, if you are trying to justify, promote, sell or explain the value of architecture to others, give the wheel a try for yourself – who knows, maybe you will find it easier, too.

You can learn more about the Wheel of Change and other tips for getting better value by reading our whitepaper 7 Steps to Business Architecture or watching the webinar of the same name.

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