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Enterprise Architecture: Choosing appropriate solutions to address problem situations.

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BLOG - EA_ChoiceThere will always more than one way to solve any given problem.

How effective any given solution will be will depend on what information was used in the solution’s definition. An Enterprise Architecture can provide a repository of useful information necessary to the successful formulation of a problem’s solution.

By itself this is not enough.

A business situation will always require some response even if only choosing to do nothing. Those charged with its resolving the situation will undoubtedly identify a number of options from which to choose.

How they go about identifying and subsequently making their choice will shape the eventual impact of the option selected.

The Enterprise Architecture, whilst holding valuable information, must be supported by processes assisting its user to find and use the information that they require. The is nothing more frustrating than knowing that information exists but not being able to locate it.

Without supporting processes the user of the Enterprise Architecture may just as well be reaching into a ‘lucky dip’ and see what comes out.

The information returned by a ‘hit and miss’ approach may be accurate, assuming the Enterprise Architecture content is properly governed, but will it be relevant and appropriate.

Processes supporting an Enterprise Architecture can assist in assessing the validity of using the returned information to the situation at hand.

The information held within the Enterprise Architecture repository is not enough, by itself, to provide significant value to the business.

It must be supported by processes assisting the user to leverage the information to solve real problems in the most optimal fashion.