11 years, 4 days ago

The End of Business as Usual by Brian Solis – Review

The overwhelmingly positive reviews prompted me to purchase this book by Brian Solis. And it is very well written and is thought provoking in the context of social media and the impact that is having on business. But it seems to me that this is a very narrowly focused exposition, given the title. So my Amazon review is titled: “I don’t want to be a party pooper but . . . “
What Brian gets right is the shift to the consumer revolution, where the consumer is everyone, in our personal and business roles. And the always on, connected, real time world is undoubtedly where we are heading at breakneck speed. And the change in social dynamics where greater reliance is placed on contacts than the product marketing blurb. However what Brian doesn’t factor in is the transformation to consumer services and the place of autonomics. Further he is fixated by the personal, mobile device and ignores the next wave of automation in which we will live in an ecosystem of devices that we manage.
We are all at the leaf node, and increasingly are being given control over events in ways that would be unimaginable just a few years ago. Smart metering (in power, water etc) will allow us to optimize all the devices in our homes, including heating, hot water and refrigerators. Smart control systems will allow all these systems plus HiFi, security etc to be operated remotely with relevant alerts. Smart TV is already enabling on demand TV that puts us in control of what and when we watch. Smart cars and driver aids will revolutionize transport, reducing journey times, insurance costs and accidents (hopefully) and allow us to utilize our commute time more productively.
Sure the app enabled mobile device will be the user friendly control panel that provides us with choice, but even more importantly it is the service interface through which the service provider will provide all sorts of offers, upgrades, add ons, and put us in much greater control of services consumed and the prices paid. And of course the social network is a key way that consumers will make choices.
If Brian had titled the book Social Networks and their Impact on our Lives, that would be more accurate. But the End of BAU is over hyping the content, it only includes one dimension of a much bigger revolution.