10 years, 11 months ago

Are you "The Department of No"? The struggle between Enablement Vs. Control!

Lets look at the fundamental aspect of creating an Enterprise Architecture brand within your company – Enablement OR Control?

In some organizations, the “control” part of EA is given an unhealthy amount of attention. Not that control is not important, but lets not forget that it is not the end goal. Remember, the main focus of Enterprise Architecture is to enable business strategies. Standards, Review Boards and other controls are created for smoother and faster Enablement of initiatives and not the other way around.

For example – why do I insist on having a Database Management System (DBMS) standard in your company? Well – to control technical diversity; for better and more cost effective support around the platform; to avoid reinventing the wheel etc. etc. Therefore, in the end, it helps enable initiatives needing a DBMS and reduces time to market, right? So enablement is the objective, not control..

If I forget this essential point, I could be chasing standards enforcement in the company just for policing sake, which is a sure recipe for failure. In fact, I could have multiple DBMS standards for my organization if it helps in faster, smoother and cost effective enablement of business initiatives!

I always try to look at Cloud Computing, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and other disruptions with the same lens of “enablement”. Of course, there is risk and some of these spaces are still maturing but that is the challenge (and the whole fun!) in guiding our companies to the future…