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The Reality of Process Excellence

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Whether we like to admit it, most organizations are still some way from achieving excellence. Sure, most of us have areas of our business where we have made improvements, in some cases with dramatic results. While on a recent trip to visit with some ProVision customers in Phoenix, Arizona, I caught up with one of my mentors, my old friend Jim Sinur. As you may know, Jim is a former research VP and fellow at Gartner and spent years looking at the process improvement and enterprise architectures.  Watch the video interview to hear our in-depth conversation about these topics.

While talking together, we realized that actually learning more about what is actually happening in the world (rather than what vendors, analysts and marketers sayJ), was something we should explore further. So, in addition to the video interview, we will also be doing a webinar together on the same topic in October. During the session we want to explore what is different between those who fail and those who succeed as well as looking at who owns the program, and how they can get better but-in.

If you have specific questions about what’s happening on the ground, either automated or non-automated, drop me a line and we will be sure to cover as many issues as we can.

As well as meeting Jim, it was great to meet up with ProVision users at Salt River and Intel, both of whom are achieving some amazing results with the tool. In the case of Intel they have carried out over 300 major projects and an estimated 700+ smaller projects since they started using the tool. Interestingly enough the other thing they both shared was a belief that a “fool with a tool, is still a fool” Citing the fact that their successes were due in no small part to insisting their users were properly trained before being given access to ProVision.

So all in all a great trip and wise words all round.

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