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Enterprise Architecture: The Real Game Changer.

In part 14 of “Memoirs of an Enterprise Architect” I discussed 8 steps to make strategic business decisions.  This week marks the last part of this blog series.

Has your viewpoint on Enterprise Architecture changed?

The landscape for business in the commercial space as well as government has changed greatly over the last 10 years.  In the last few years we have seen many companies disappear after been around for decades.  Why?  Well, the economy has not been following the cyclical trends which have historically allowed businesses to plan for growth and recessions, but the main reason can be summed up with one word, Data.

What about Data?

Businesses today have so much data in so many disparate systems.  They are a result of adding new systems and developing new applications over time to solve the issues of the day.  These companies can no longer continue to operate this way in a stagnant or slow economy. Sadly, we have seen the results of the ones that have continued to operate in this fashion.

Enterprise Architecture is the real game changer

If you were uncertain about the value of Enterprise Architecture (EA) prior to reading this blog series, I hope that it has become clear just how important it is and how critical having a successful EA practice within your organization may all but guarantee success in this new world of business.  You see, businesses need to undergo a transformation and EA is the vehicle to get there.  I have discussed pieces of this transformation each week from Application, Report, and Database Rationalization to maintaining Technology Standards and cataloging your organizations Business Capabilities and Business Processes.

Wrapped up with bow

When data is brought together with other data in meaningful ways, your organization can start answering key business questions that enables you to make strategic decisions about the business.  Effective Enterprise Architecture is the key driver.  You no longer need to look to economists identify the inevitable ebb and flow of the economy.  You can use your own data to understand the current landscape and be more nimble as a business.  I will leave you with this last thought to tie a bow around this series.

Enterprise Architecture brings People, Processes, and Data together so that you can make the right decisions, at the right time, with minimal cost and risk to stay profitable and successful.

What’s Next?

I will continue to write blog articles on a weekly basis so please continue to come back every Thursday for the latest words of wisdom from Corey Balko, the EA Guru.

If you have been reading along every week for the last 15 weeks and you are still here, I would like to say thank you.  I hope this series has been as informative and fulfilling for you as it was for me to write it.

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