8 years, 5 months ago

August Meeting for FEAPO Leadership

Hello All

Just a quick note to say thank you for another great and productive meeting!  We accomplished much and a special thank you to those of you on the phone – those of us in the room were amazed and pleased that so many of you dialed in and stayed on the line for the entire meeting.  We definitely have a committed group!

If you could not attend the meeting, Bob will be sending recordings out soon.

Just to summarize the timeline and next steps for the EA Perspective Paper:

By Tuesday of next week, I will send the current version of the paper to all of the FMO delegates.  This version will contain all of the edits we agreed to this week.

At this point there should be no FMO delegate with a major concern or objection to the paper.

I will also be sending a ballot to the FMO delegates for voting on the approval of this draft of the paper.  We will send the paper to a professional editor so don’t worry about sentence structure, etc.

Your vote signifies that the organization that you represent is ok with publishing this first edition of the perspective paper.  If some in your home organization have minor changes, ask them to keep them for the paper working group and they will be discussed and reflected in the next version of the paper.

Right now we are focusing on any major issues that would keep your home organization from voting for approval.  I would be surprised if any FMO had a major concern at this point – we’ve have more than ample opportunity and time to bring up and discuss any major issues.

We need your vote no later than September 20.  We need to have the paper to Architecture and Governance Magazine by October 3 at the latest.  Again, this is a first edition and the paper will continue to evolve over time.

I am hoping for unanimous approval of this work as it sets a tone for our future endeavors and sends a message to the world that this group can come together and agree on items of common interest for the progression of the EA profession.

Please let me know if you have any questions and please look for the paper on Tuesday of next week.

Have a great weekend!