10 years, 8 months ago

On-site meeting of the Penn State IST EA Advisory Group

Hello All:

Just a reminder that we are planning the next on-site meeting of the Penn State IST EA Advisory Group for Tuesday, September 28 (full day) and Wednesday September 29 (half day), 2010 at University Park.    The registration web site will be available soon.

At this meeting, we will update you on our great progress since the September 2009 meeting and we will have reports from the committees.  We will also be presenting a straw man of our long-term participation model for our EA research center for comment.  The functions of the committees will be under our new EA research center that is under development and we are working with the research committee to develop a straw man structure for the center that will be discussed at the meeting this September.  We will send further information prior to the meeting.  Please try to attend this meeting if possible – this will be an important meeting as it will set the structure and process for this group going forward.

Organizations interested in working with the center to set the research streams for the coming year are invited to attend the research meeting that occur on the afternoon of September 29 from 1 – 5 following the general group meeting – more information on this session will follow this summer.

We’re making great progress on many fronts and thank all of you for your continued support and enthusiasm.  I also thank you for the continuous flow of new organizations that many of you continue to refer to us.

More coming soon.