10 years, 8 months ago

New Book: Beyond Alignment

I am pleased to announce that our new book Beyond Alignment: Applying Systems Thinking in Architecting Enterprises has been published and is available for order online. The book is available for purchase at Amazon.

Beyond Alignment is a comprehensive reader about how enterprises can apply systems thinking in their enterprise architecture practice, for business transformation and for strategic execution. The book’s contributors find that systems thinking is a valuable way of thinking about the viable enterprise and how to architect it.

The book is edited by John Gotze and I. Contributors include more than 30 international experts in the field of Enterprise Architecture and Systems Thinking. The book’s two forewords are written by Dirk Baecker and Peter Bernus.

John and I have published the introduction to the book online. You can read it by following this link: http://beyondalignment.com/chapters/introducing-beyond-alignment/.

We hope you will enjoy reading the book as much as we enjoyed writing and editing it.