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Mugs Up. A Troux Toast to Coffee

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By: Ben Geller, VP Marketing, Troux

without coffee 092513 3 (2)   blogIf you are like the majority of Americans, you probably started your day with a cup of Joe. This Sunday, September 29th, is National Coffee Day; a day to celebrate the drink that clears the fog, charges us up in the morning, and at times keeps us going throughout the day.

According to the National Coffee Association’s 2013 online survey, 83 percent of U.S. adults drink coffee and 63 percent of Americans drink it every day. No wonder there is a Starbucks on every street corner. We need our morning boost.

As my colleagues gathered around the coffee pot , it got me thinking: what business solutions do professionals rely on for their necessary kick? In this day and age, where would we be without companies like Google and Bing for things as simple as research and as complex as web analytics? And, what about our smart phones, which allow us to stay connected and get work done anywhere at any time? We’re in a fast-paced world where our daily jolts have suddenly become imperative to success.

Like a dose of caffeine, Troux also provides added clarity and a boost in productivity with our Enterprise Portfolio Management software. Our solutions lift the fog to help customers gain new levels of visibility into how IT resources are spread across the business, allowing them to make better business decisions. Better decisions lead to higher efficiencies which lead to a much sought after jump in productivity.

A serving of Troux helps our CIO customers assess what they have, what is actually needed to support business strategy and what can simply go away. If something isn’t needed, we provide a plan to get rid of it quickly and safely. And we can figure all of these things out real fast. That should get any business person buzzing!

Troux is a powerful engine to make quick, valuable decisions, just like your morning cup of Joe. Mugs up!

In honor of National Coffee Day, we’re getting a round at Starbucks for 20 of our coffee drinking friends. Tell us on Twitter (@trouxsoftware) what would happen if we took your coffee away, hashtag #WithoutCoffee.  The first 20 responses will get e-certificates for Starbucks.


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