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What is the DMAIC define project start phase?

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There is a reason/immediate cause to start the project. There can be complaints, waiting times or other issues. This is the starting point of the improvement project. In this technique, the project leader determines a few fundamental project data. Together with the other techniques that we use in the Define phase, we lay the foundation for the following improvement phases.

DMAIC phases

Getting started with the DMAIC define project start phase

  1. Choose a project name. Which (recognizable) name do we use to execute this project?
  2. Write a short project description. What is the reason for taking up this project?
  3. Which costs and/or quality issues are related to the problem? The size of the problem should justify the size of the project.
  4. Provide a rough initial project planning. What is the start date and targeted end date?

Tips and best practices DMAIC define project start phase

  • In this phase, we dont have to make an extensive analysis of the problems and causes; we will do this in the next steps. Symptoms (what is not working?) are often part of this phase.
  • Make sure the description of the problem is as concrete as possible. Also, try to not make the problem too broad and dispersed. If there are multiple problems, it may be better to tackle them in separate projects.
  • Filling out the Project Start information is typically done by the project leader (green/black belt). The following Define techniques (problem statement, team, stakeholders), involve a larger group of people.
  • Make sure that the Project Start information and problem statement is communicated to the sponsor. The sponsor is responsible for the projects means and time available.


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