9 years, 3 months ago

ABM Case Study Competition Round 1 Complete

The SEAS’ advisory board is happy to announce Round 1 winners in the Acme Building Materials (ABM) Case Study Competition.  Click here to access the Original Case Study post.

Over the past several months we looked for the most active participants and those committed to work on the case study as thought leaders.  Today we are happy to announce the completion of Round 1 of our competition and the selection of the following individuals as “Lead Consultants“:

  • Ahsan Rauf, Strategy & Enterprise Architecture
  • Ajwad Adeel, Strategy & Performance
  • Iyad Hindi, Enterprise Architecture
  • Dima Khatib, Change Management
  • Raheela Babar, Change Management
  • Jayme Johnson, Change Management

In addition, the following SEAS’ advisory board members will play roles in the Consulting Engagement simulation:

  • Regine Deleu, Acme Building Material Board Member (To provide responses and guidance to the consulting team)
  • Fadi Hindi, Engagement Partner (To guide the analysis, roadmap development, and offer guidance with strategy/frameworks)

**Note: The SEAS’ case study is a Consulting Engagement Simulation without any commercials or financial/non-financial compensation to participants.  Individuals are participating in the case study as an academic exercise to further their knowledge and careers by subscribing to SEAS’ fundamental belief in knowledge sharing and career growth.  See our Mission & Values on the main home page for details.