10 years, 6 months ago

Your complete approach for EA: method, language, tools

When Darwin wrote his opus magnum On the Origin of Species (Darwin, 1859) he most likely did not have businesses and other enterprises in mind. Yet, the adage survival of the fittest definitely applies to many modern day enterprises. Opportunities and threats exist both external to, and within the enterprise. The ability to come to grips with the complexity of the enterprise as well as the ever-changing conditions is one of the key drivers behind Enterprise Architecture.

There are many frameworks and approaches for Enterprise Architecture. Over the last few years we have gained a lot of experience in client engagements with all aspects of this exciting field. We are in the middle of documenting these in our new book (stay tuned!) In the webinar, taking place on 14 November 2013, we will give an overview of Enterprise Architecture, based on TOGAF and ArchiMate as well as present an overview of some of these best practices.

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