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Business Values

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Having an established set of Business Values is crucial to keeping an organisation focused on how it is going to achieve what has been defined in its goals and objectives.

Adherence to Business Values will strongly influence the behaviour of individuals and groups within the business and affect the direction of the decision making process

Core Values – examples

  • Accountability of individuals, departments and divisions for performance, results, problem resolutions and decisions will be clearly articulated.
  • Communication with employees/contractors, customers and vendors will be open and frank and will be clear, frequent, accurate and timely.
  • Continuous Improvement and the desire and ability of the company to develop and incorporate ways to ‘work better’ to be fostered.
  • Cooperation will be fostered between individuals, departments, divisions and teams at all times.
  • Creativity in terms of defining new products, improving process and establishing new delivery methods is to be rewarded.
  • Developing individuals and recognising them as people and not just as assets to be exploited is as important as delivering value to customers.
  • Discipline in adherence to company policy, rules, systems, procedures, schedules, standards and ethics to be maintained at all times.
  • Efficiency in obtaining optimal results is paramount.
  • Information to be shared between business units.
  • Integrity (honesty, fairness and ethical behaviour) is to be protected at all times.
  • Quality of Products and Services delivered in terms of presentation, functionality, choice, value, speed, timeliness, suitability, re-usability and reliability is to be always considered.
  • Resources, including people, knowledge and physical assets will be utilised as fully as possible to support operational performance and business improvement.
  • Standardisation in the way in which processes are captured implemented and deployed across the entire organisation will be maintained at all times.
  • Technology based solutions will support the drive to business efficiency.

The adherence to a core set of Business Values that are aligned with the vision, mission, goals and objectives will affect the way decisions are made and ensure that there is some level of consistency and certainty in each decision’s outcome.

How the Business Values are communicated and how well they are followed will affect how both employees and the market perceives the business itself and ultimately its ability to succeed.

A well defined set of Business Values that gain acceptance by all to whom they apply should provide an organisation with considerable long term ans lasting benefit.