7 years, 3 months ago

G-A-M-I-F-Y has (almost) Arrived!

Link: https://blogs.gartner.com/brian_burke/2014/03/28/g-a-m-i-f-y-has-almost-arrived/


My new book GAMIFY is about to be released (April 8), but in fact, the hard copy version is already shipping on Amazon.com. To celebrate, I’m offering 20 copies (digital or hardcover) to the first 20 people who post on Twitter with the hashtag #GartnerGamify. After you post your tweet, make sure to follow me @brian__burke on Twitter so that I can send you a direct message asking for shipping details.

Be quick – this offer will go fast! I hope the winners enjoy the book, and continue to spread the word about the power of gamification.


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