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The Enterprise Architect of Hamelyn

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Stakeholder ConcernEnterprise FocusProject Focus
The city of Hamelyn is plagued with rats.This indicates a serious problem with the “Public Health and Hygiene” capability.We just need a quick project to eliminate the rats. So we buy some “Eliminate Creature” capability from an external vendor.
The Pied Piper gets rid of the rats.Real business problem has not been addressed. Let’s now push on with the next phase of solving the problem.Project successful.

The Pied Piper is too expensive.We need a careful transition plan while we build an in-house capability.Let us immediately renegotiate our contract with the vendor.
The Pied Piper gets rid of the children.It turns out that the Pied Piper can reuse his “Eliminate Creature” capability for other purposes.!*!?**!
Which Role?Enterprise Architect?
Strategic Procurement?
Solution Architect?
Tactical Procurement?

See also my article “Requirements Engineering as if Stakeholders Mattered” (Requirenautics Quarterly, Issue 29, August 2003, pdf)