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My Remarks on the Recent Business Architecture Guild Workshop

I had an opportunity to attend the Business Architecture Innovation Workshop on 16-17 September 2014 in Austin, TX. Co-sponsored by the Object Management Group (OMG). This was a 2+ day interactive workshop and, yes, recruiting exercise to contribute to the cause. I was not taken back by the second item as this is how we all advance our respective disciplines – its through this type of work. Here are a few of my takeaways from the 1.5 days in which I was able to participate.

  • There was a session hosted by one of my co-workers where an applied version of business architecture was described for the Customer Experience (CX) domain. This is a growing area of focus for organizations. Based on the enthusiasm during the tutorial sessions, my prior assertion appears to hold up.
  • Despite the beating TOGAF gets for its IT tendancies, most of its metamodel inventory is related to business architecture. What interested me this week are the differences (enriched features?) of Business Architecture Guild (BAG)’s metamodel for business architecture. The notable addition is the concept of value streams. I look forward to learning more about how value streams fit into the business architecture metamodel – especially since I signed up for the Standardization group which addresses the metamodel. I’m sure I’ll overthink the linkage between TOGAF’s and BAG’s metamodel at some point too :).
  • The Business Architecture Body of Knowledge (BIZBOK) is an extensive volume (~500 pages) which was a worthwhile skim prior to the conference. I’ve already circled back around on the section with value streams for more in-depth learning. Its about double the size of Bill Urlich’s Business Architecture which reflects the evolution of this particular discipline.
  • Certification. I feel some form of validation – often in certification – is helpful for determining competency within a particular discipline. In my mind, BA should be no different. BAG is formulating a multi-tier certification journey starting with a 150 question test based on the (to-be release) BIZBOK 4.1. Subsequent parts have not been defined yet. I speculate they will include some sort of case study or other interaction exercises. The value proposition of certification includes the “sale” of BA into organizations as a valuable discipline to drive positive outcomes.
  • Business Model Canvas (BMC) Tutorial. I observed how the use of BA and the BMC drove common vocabulary. During the breakout tutorial sessions, ~15 or so individuals were able to converse fluently on how to construct the canvas for the exercise. We didn’t necessarily agree on approaches, but the base vocabulary was there. It showed how the discipline of EA/BA can bring value to more efficient dialog for organizations when approaching problem solving.

Did you attend this event and/or participate in the Business Architecture Guild? I invite you to share your thoughts in the comments.


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