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Pride and Prejudice

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Pride is one of the things that we all need to certain degree unless we want to get into mental distress. So it is important that in architecture we are proud of what we are doing. However that pride usually leads us into several areas of prejudice that again is something to avoid as it isolates us socially and also leads to mental distress. So in this article I am exploring the dangers that we usually face and how to best to avoid them. What I am not doing here is to discuss the book with the same tittle even if it is one of my favourites.

Architect are usually divided into either being engineers or life artists and as such come from two different backgrounds. While engineers are very output focused life artists are very focused on a comprehensive picture about everything. So the life artist architect such as I take our pride from looking for workable ways forward in all tasks including the cultural, technical, physiological philosophical, etc. way. We have a clear prejudice on simple solutions. However often the simple solution is the best solution and as such we need to stop overanalysing the world we life in.

The engineering architect on the other side take their pride in their precise work. Usually this translates into a prejudice against all people talking, managing or doing anything that is non measurable. This prejudice often leads them to work extra hard to prove their points. However it usually also creates a victimisation pattern where they see themselves as the only workers and everyone else as slackers that are just there for a free ride. Actually as a group engineers are five times as likely to suffer a serious mental illness than artists, even if engineers think that anyone only filling their head with art has to go mad. The main reason for this is that engineers often do not realise when they are outside of their expertise as many engineers will compensate  experience in areas they lack with study or reading. A classical area is about raising kids where the engineering parent often things himself capable as he has read more books on the subject than all the educators.

When looking at professional pride we should also never forget that we should not build all of our pride purely on our profession, but also on accomplishments outside of our job so that if we get laid off, are pensioned or in any other way loose our profession we can still function in a stable way.

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