5 years, 3 months ago

Overestimation on your and others to control ourself

Link: http://www.etc-architect.com/?p=241

Architecture is a profession that tends toward a certain impulsive behaviour as it is all about governance and setting directions.  Once you enter any field where the actors have a tendency for impulsive behaviour you will end up with addiction through the restraint behaviour. As a result we overestimate the ability to control our behaviour and as such we are often prone to suppress some basic functions such as sleep and also react antisocial over time. The pattern is that displayed of the typical addict who will always think that he is in control, while his surrounding is experiencing the cracks in the facade.

An easy way to find out if are affected by this is to change certain patterns such as to deliberately work for a minimum for a month and increase your sleep cycle for a an hour more per night. Most people trying this for the first time (me included) certainly feel that we cannot cope as we will stay awake for long times during the night and constantly think that we will be removed from work for working less. If you start to experience one or both of these symptoms it is highly likely that you are addicted and have at least partial already lost control of your own way to interact with others. The really dangerous part of this professional  addiction is that it feeds you with the feeling of being important and as such supplies you with the reason to continue as before.

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