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Using block chains outside of finance

Link: http://www.etc-architect.com/?p=258

Most architects I know have already looked into block chains since virtual currencies started to get some traction. In that light it is amazing that up to today there are only a handful of attempts to use the generic principles of the block chain architecture.

When you look closer the block chain and invest just a bit of imagination you will quickly find many areas where you use the same architecture to address common use cases. Such uses include and are not limited to demonstrate data ownership without revealing the data on a decentralised basis, as well ensuring the integrity. Time stamping without the need for a centralised and potentially compromised central server is another potential use. As you see from this ver basic example there are many uses such as source code ownership proof without central registration, exam certification that are tamperproof as there is no central point of compromise. Proofing of image at the a certain point of recording again without a centralised and as such potential  point of tampering from 3rd parties.

Another advantage is to proof ownership or authenticity without any central authorisation unit that may be unreachable while still being secure to a file that is often exchanged by many participants. this for example enables a much better use for any device that needs both to be secure and always available. Often this missing availability of key information to be periodically checked leads to many security weaknesses in a lot of current designs that can be avoided using the chain block architecture.

I just want to make you think wider with this article so that you avoid in associating any given architecture only to one use such as block chains to virtual currencies.

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